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Top 10 tips for buying property abroad

Buying property abroad can be a major decision, so today more than ever buyers are exercising extra caution when considering their Sunny Homes abroad. Fluctuating exchange rates and the infamous "credit crunch" are just a couple of the issues to consider before taking the plunge. It is clear though that, chosen with care, Sunny Home abroad remains one of the most exciting and lucrative investments you can make.

     1. Don't allow your heart to rule your head.

     2. Maximise your investment return.

     3. Don´t settle for just any unit.

     4. Location, location, location. Heard that before, right?

     5. What if you can´t resell?

     6. Guaranteed Rentals.

     7. Don´t lose money with poor currency exchange.

     8. Lawyers.

     9. Know your taxes.

     10. Keep up with progress.


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