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About Sicily

Why Namely Sicily?

Sicily is the only island in the Mediterranean that has not yet been fully developed and yet where both tourism industry and real estate development are at the beginning stage of fast development. Advancing tourism industry has been set as a priority in Sicily and over the past few years more and more large international companies have started investing there. Also, each year several airlines add Sicily to their lists of direct flights. In connection with all that, a rather noticeable increase of prices is being predicted in the Sicilian real estate market, where the prices have until now been extremely reasonable until now - taking into consideration the location, climate and fantastic nature.

What is Sicily like? 

Being a part of Italy, Sicily however is an island with its own unique history, culture and people. As Sicily is the area in Europe with the most cosmopolitan history, it is a unique island full of art, culture, archaeology, history, folklore and - to top it all off - breathtakingly beautiful landscape. And certainly the fantastic food and excellent wines must not be forgotten. In Sicily one can find powerful mountains and gorgeous white sandy beaches, grassy hills, where peasants herd goats and historic cities, fishing villages built into shore rocks and vineyards, lemon trees and olive trees stretching along the rolling hills. In addition to that, Sicily boasts a fantastic climate all the year round, where the sun shines almost every days and the temperatures are around 30 C in the summer and do not fall much below 15 C in the winter.

Where Is the Real Estate on Offer Located?

The real estate on offer is located on the South-Eastern coast of Sicily, in the southern part of the historically famous Syracuse province, across from the African coast. The main locations are Avola, a historical coastal town, Noto, which one of Sicily's most famous baroque cities, and Marzamemi, a small and beautiful fishing village in the almost southernmost tip of Europe.
You will find a map of Sicily here

How Is It Possible to View the Real Estate?

The interested parties can certainly travel there by themselves and find the interesting estates by addresses on their own. However, those who have not been to Sicily or to that particular part of the island before, are surely interested in getting a closer look at the area, the local life and people, would perhaps like to learn about local cuisine and wines, as well as go sightseeing. In addition to that, it is always best to get more detailed information about the real estate right there on the spot and get answers to your questions right then and there.

Combine Business with Pleasure

If necessary, we also can arrange a nice vacation on sandy beach with a real estate inspection trip.

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