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The follow-up project to the highly successful Isida is now available offering similarly low-priced apartments in a development with a pool, elevators and an enviable location in front of a large green space. Discounted Pre-Release Prices to mid-Feb 2011. Completion due August 2012.

Studio apartments of 26-35.5m2 from GBP7,647/EUR9,420
One-bedroom apartments of 44-78m2 from GBP12,9441/EUR15,942

Isida 1 was released in summer 2010 and was spectacularly successful as a result of a combination of excellent facilities, a good location in an up-and-coming area close to a public beach and, most importantly, some of the most affordable prices seen in the Hurghada area since 2007. Such was the success of Isida 1 that the majority of the development sold out in a matter of weeks.

Knowing a winning formula when they see one, the developers of Isida 1 are now all set to repeat the success of their initial launch with their next project – Isida Joya (Joya meaning ‘Jewel’, as this is most surely a gem of an investment). Located just a couple of hundred metres from Isida 1, Joya occupies an arguably better plot than its sister development, as the area immediately in front of the project will be a green area separating the area from the main road.

On the opposite side of the road will be a variety of shops, bars and restaurants which are already starting to be opened up in this area – with many more to come as more and more of this fast-growing area becomes populated.

Most importantly, Isida shares all of the benefits of its sister development, with a similar low price/m2 and smaller sized units available, meaning that the starting price here is just GBP7,647/EUR9,420 for a 21.5m2 studio.

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