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Brazilian Real Estate


 We are proud to present Best Development in the Americas 2009!

The Coral Lake and Beach Resort

The Coral lake and beach resort has been awarded the prestigious CNBC Award for Best Development in the Americas 2009.

Prices strart from 30 000 $ for plots and from 92 000 $ for house. If you want to know more, please contact:

sun at sunnyhome24 dot com

Brazil´s leading architectural and construction company MD Concept have been contracted to build the development including Villas, infrastructure, 5 Star Spa Hotel and all facilities.

Check the weather in Fortaleza: click here

Why invest in North East Brazil and Fortaleza?

  • Our focus at present is centred on the North East for a number of reasons, primarily the demand for development land and property for the emerging middle class of the domestic market coupled with demand from foreign investment.
  • 2014 World Cup. I attended a presentation by Snr. Luiz Barretto Filho (Minister for Tourism) and he quoted the figures below.
  • Recent Oil discoveries exceed 20 Billion barrels within Brazil making Petrobras one of the leading distributors in the world. www.petrobras.com
  • Extensive international Airports designed and constructed by our architect MD Concept
  • The population of Fortaleza have a short fall of property at present estimated at 500 thousand homes required.


The 2014 World Cup brings with it the following investment from the government:

  • US$ 1.6 Billion for air travel infrastructure
  • US$ 6 Billion for new roads
  • US$ 750 Million for new “sub terrain” infrastructure


The 2016 Olympic Games includes the following Investment:

  • 14.4 Billion US Dollars Governmental expenditure
  • 50 Billion US Dollars external investment.

“This substantial investment will raise the value of residential and commercial real estate between now and 2014, creating an ideal platform for growth.”

Current tourism figures in North East Brazil

  •  25 million internal tourists within Brazil visiting either Rio or Fortaleza area, this figure is increasing year on year.
  • In 2003 there were 30 million internal flights in Brazil, in 2008 there were 50 million, this growth is increasing demand for rental property and 2nd homes.
  • External tourism figures for 2008 reached 6 million representing a 15% year on year increase showing that whilst global tourism suffers North East Brazil is thriving.


Our cheapest quality apartments on coastline and with gorgeous sea views starting from 47 000 $ 1-bedroom and from 52 000 $ 2-bedrooms.

So if you dreaming of Paradise, contact us:

sun at sunnyhome24 dot com

Skype: sitsiilia2

Phone: +372 5063067