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Amazon Resort Condos For Private Investors

Lush Landscaping, A Swimming Pool With Waterfalls Composes A Safe InvestmentExtraordinary ideas brought to paper, transferred to a design, composed of a lush landscape, full of natural elements and a swimming pool with waterfalls that flows across several levels creates a real estate investment property that has all it takes to generate a “very agreeable yield”.

Just a nice stroll off Jomtien Beach and next to Park Lane Resort, this development stands out with its original features. For nature enthusiasts that won’t miss a modern and comfortable life style the Amazon Residence Resort brings it all together.

Buying straight from the developer gives you a head start and for quick decision makers, this new project is offered currently 25% below market value.

Prices start from 31 000 euro.

Note : If you wish, we can join 2 one bedroom apartments to have a 2 bedroom spacious condo.

Contact: sun at sunnyhome24 dot com